38 Weeks – Baby Dolan #3

We are getting SO CLOSE!

This pregnancy has been very different than the previous two, but one thing that is SO refreshing about this being the third time around is that I have far fewer worries leading up to labor and delivery.  Now, don’t get me wrong…I still have my moments where I worry about the cord getting wrapped around the baby’s neck, or what if something happens during labor, or what if I go early before I’m ready (because of this worry I’m sure I’ll end up being induced….ha)…but for the most part, it’s very comforting that I’ve done this twice before and know what to expect.

Weight gained: About 27/28 pounds.


  • Still hard to breathe at times (mostly in the evening around dinner time…I’m assuming because my stomach is full from eating throughout the day).  Drop, baby, drop!
  • Baby’s position is pretty uncomfortable at times, mostly at night when I’m sleeping (see below).
  • Swollen and puffy!  Retaining water like it’s my job.  My ankles are so swollen and unrecognizable each night–it’s crazy.
  • My stomach gets full VERY quickly, but it’s hit or miss–I feel like I can eat the exact same thing and get sick 30 minutes later from being too full, while at other times I am just fine.  Trying to eat slowly, but this is hard for me!

Movement: Yes, although they’ve certainly slowed down a bit.  More slow rolls, which I still love!

Food Aversions:  Not too many food aversions right now, but I am just trying to be cautious of how much food I’m eating to avoid getting sick.  I’ve been throwing up a few times a week and it’s completely unpredictable sometimes.  Still much better than the first trimester, though!

Food Cravings: Ice, ice, ice!  And ice cream, obviously.

Sleep:  Not great, but I’ll still take this over newborn sleep!  I’m waking up to go to the bathroom a few times each night, but the worst part is when the baby wakes me up (almost every night) due to his/her position.  S/he curls up into a ball on one side of my stomach, and it feels like my organs are being crushed.  I asked the doctor about this–not because I’m worried; obviously I have bigger babies and they like to stick their booties up!  But it’s strange I haven’t had that type of discomfort before with the girls.  He said it’s most likely because this is my third baby and everything is “stretched out in there”, so baby has more room to spread out and stretch my ligaments.

Stretch marks?  Not yet!

Miss Anything?  Sleeping on my stomach/side.  With the girls I was still able to do this somewhat, but this baby doesn’t like it at all when I sleep with my stomach touching the bed. 🙂

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week: It’s really fun to talk to Kate about the baby because she “gets” it.  When Colleen was born, while it was the absolute CUTEST thing in the world to see the two of them together because they were both SO little (!), Kate also didn’t really know how to talk about the baby much during my pregnancy.  (Understandably…she was only 1!)  This time around, it’s fun to have a kiddo that gets it and can share in the excitement.  She loves asking what the baby is doing and LOVES to feel kicks and hiccups!

Belly Button in or out? Out.

Wedding rings on or off? Officially off!  This is another thing that is different; I’ve never had to take off my rings, especially so early.  Around week 36 I gave up and have been wearing a random gold band from my childhood. 🙂

Happy or moody most of the time:  Happy but TIRED.  Brian has worked two weekends this month, which means I’ve been on my own with the girls all weekend.  One of the weekends it literally rained all weekend long, so not being able to run off some steam outside didn’t help!  I’m thankful I can at least escape to my parents’ house for a change of scenery.

New Baby Items:  Just ordered a new car seat!  Not for the baby just yet, but this will replace Colleen’s convertible car seat so we can fit 3 across in both cars.  I know people think (or will think) we are crazy for not getting a minivan or 3rd row vehicle, but we are going to try and make it work as long as we can.  Thankfully Kate is good about buckling herself in, and Colleen loves to TRY (she’s getting there!), so that is helpful.

Looking forward to:  Meeting this little guy/girl!  Still no girl name, but I’m thinking we won’t need one….

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(38 weeks with Baby Dolan #3 and 40 weeks with Coco!)

(Soon to be) Party of Five

I’ve always known I wanted at least 3 kids.  When I was young and naive, I thought I could handle 4-6 (ha!), but now I have complete confidence that 3 is our number.  (If I want to remain somewhat sane, that is).  If Brian really wanted a 4th kiddo I could probably be talked into it, but the truth is that 5 in our family just feels RIGHT.

During my first pregnancy with Kate, I was caught up in all of the emotions of a first-time mom.  Obviously over-the-moon excitement, anxiety (am I gonna mess this kid up, or what?), and every single milestone felt like the BIGGEST deal.  When I was pregnant with Colleen I still had the excitement and some anxiety, but you are far too busy when you have a toddler to worry about every.single.thing like the first time around.  I did worry a lot about taking time away from Kate, and wondered how I would love another child as much as I loved her, but as soon as I meet Coco my heart just doubled in size–just as people said it would.

So now here we are again!  This time I have nothing but excitement when I think about the girls with their new sibling.  I know that siblings ADD to the joy in a family (okay…in between the fighting).  As cheesy as it sounds, I love the idea of giving them another playmate and (hopefully) lifelong buddy.