34 Weeks – Baby Dolan #3

Weight gained: About 23/24 pounds so far.


  • Very hard to breathe at times due to the pressure on my diaphragm.  I’m really hoping the baby drops soon!
  • Still a little tired, but after being diagnosed with anemia during my last visit, I think my iron supplements are helping with that.
  • Some heartburn and nausea…mostly from eating too much.  I’m having a hard time remembering that my stomach can’t hold what it used to.  I’ve gotten sick a few times/week lately for this reason, so I’m trying to be better about eating smaller meals.
  • I feel like I’ve never moved so slowly in my life!  Those that know me know that I like to do things fast: drive, walk, run (when I used to), open packages, clean, give the kids baths (I call them Express baths…ha), so this has been the hardest thing for me.

Movement: Yep!  The movements have slowed a bit because baby has gotten much bigger (should be about 5 pounds!) and is running out of room, I’m sure.

Food Aversions:  This is completely hit or miss.  Last week I told Brian I wanted sushi (veggie rolls…totally fine), but by the time he left to get them it sounded awful.  Usually my appetite is normal during the day and then completely unpredictable in the evening.  I’m trying to eat fruits/veggies in the morning and for lunch–that way I don’t feel as bad if I just have cereal and ice cream for dinner. 🙂

Food Cravings: Still popsicles and ice cream novelties, over here.  And also ICE.  Lots and lots of ice.

Sleep:  Starting to get pretty bad over here, but I still know that it’s 100 times better than newborn sleep…so no complaints from me! It’s strange because I’m used to getting up to pee 2-4 times a night just like in my other pregnancies, but this is the first pregnancy where the baby’s position has actually woken me from my sleep.  It feels like he/she is trying to break through my skin. 🙂  I’m not sure if it’s because this is a bigger baby or because he/she likes to flip around more than K&C, but it sure gets mama’s attention!

Stretch marks?  Not yet!

Miss Anything?  Not being hot all the time.  It’s so strange, since I’m usually that person who is chilly in the A/C and wears a hoodie in the grocery store because it’s so freaking cold. The weather has actually cooled off a bit (only 76 today as the high!), though, which I’m LOVING.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week: As of my 34 appointment last week, baby is head down!  My doctor thought at my 32 week appointment baby was breech, and quickly told me not to worry because a. there’s still time to flip and b. he was completely confident he could flip baby manually if not (OUCH). Of course I did continue to worry until my next appointment, however, and was so relieved when the doctor I saw agreed to do a quick scan to see. And sure enough…head down! Now I’m just hoping he/she stays that way, because this little one loves to MOVE.

Belly Button in or out? Out.

Wedding rings on or off? On, but getting suuuuper tight. This is the first pregnancy I’ve had this issue, and it makes me sad to go without my rings…but I think that will have to happen here soon.  I’m retaining water like it’s my job!

Happy or moody most of the time:  Pretty happy!  It’s helpful knowing I’m almost done with work, and this time around I don’t have that pit in my stomach about coming back (especially because of a current unpleasant work situation).  I feel like we’ve gotten most of our house projects done, now we just have the little things to catch up on before he or she arrives.

New Baby Items:  My mom got some new swaddle blankets and newborn outfits, which are very appreciated!  I also like to get a new coming home outfit for each baby, just to commemorate their arrival. 🙂  So I hope to get that soon!

Looking forward to:  Wrapping up at work–only 19 days left as of today (but who’s counting?!).  I will definitely not miss that drive everyday, that’s for sure.  I’ve also started to nest at home–which is MUCH different than nesting with no kids and even nesting with one toddler.  Whew!  I’m planning to take a couple of more days off work to get some last minute nesting projects done before baby, while the kiddos are at the sitter’s.


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