27 Weeks – Baby Dolan #3

Almost to the third trimester!

Time is flying by now that my nausea has subsided (it went away completely around 18 weeks, just like with Kate).  This baby is moving…a LOT!  And check ups with the doctor are going smoothly, so far.  Hoping for an uneventful third trimester, just like the others!

Weight gained: About 16 pounds so far.


  • Some heartburn and acid reflux.
  • Tired.  Very, very, tired.  Thank the Lord for caffeine!
  • Already at the point in pregnancy where I feel pressure on my diaphragm and it’s hard to breathe.  I LOVE having this blog as documentation, because I was able to go back and found that this didn’t start with Kate until about week 30, it didn’t start with Colleen until sometime between week 28 and 33, and this time it started hitting me around week 24.  Yikes!  One of my doctors (who had FIVE kids) said each pregnancy just gets a little harder and more uncomfortable, though, so I know I’m not alone.

Movement: Yes…a LOT!  I will never get tired of this.  Starting to feel kicks in my upper right torso, so I’m thinking baby is head down–hopefully!

Food Aversions: It’s been SO darn hot out that my appetite has kind of been all over the place.  I mean…who wants to eat warm, comfort food when it’s 92 and humid?  I was on a good salad kick but even those haven’t sounded great lately, either.  Hoping I get my full appetite back soon, or I might just need to stick to smaller meals throughout the day.  I really didn’t gain weight the last week or two and I’m sure this is why (well, that and because there’s little room left in there…already). 🙂

Food Cravings: Ice cream.  Well, specifically mini-Drumsticks.  And popsicles.  Brian and I don’t usually get ice cream for our house because we could destroy a gallon in one night, easily.  I’m LOVING mini-Drumsticks and chocolate popsicles, though.

Sleep:  Sleeping pretty well!  Just getting up a lot to go to the bathroom (I think last night it was 5 times? ha), but other than that, I’m sleeping like a rock.  (With some CRAZY dreams!)

Stretch marks?  Not yet!

Miss Anything?  Sometimes a nice, cold beer on a hot day.  I’ll have a couple sips of Brian’s to hit the spot, which helps. 🙂

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week:  Kate has really started to take an interest in the baby lately.  When I seem tired she says, “mommy, is the baby making you tired?”  So.sweet.  She will also come over randomly and just kiss my belly.  It’s been such a neat experience having an older sibling who “gets it” this time.  Colleen understandably still doesn’t get it, but I can’t wait to see her with the baby, too!

Also, this baby has hiccups a LOT!  I don’t remember Kate getting them at all, and so when I felt them with Colleen, it always made me laugh.  It’s just the funniest feeling.

Belly Button in or out? Oh, it’s fully popped already!  Probably happened around 24 weeks?

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or moody most of the time:  Happy!  I had some bad stomach pains the week we were in Hilton Head that bummed me out a bit, but thankfully nothing since then.

New Baby Items:  Nope!

Looking forward to:  Hoooopefully passing the glucose test in a couple of weeks, and then starting to see the doctor every 2 weeks!


I felt so much bigger than I did even with Colleen until I compared the two side-by-side…looks about the same to me?  Hmmm…..


28 weeks with Colleen vs. 27 weeks with BD3

One thought on “27 Weeks – Baby Dolan #3

  1. yep….about the same size exactly! glad you are feeling better now. Hope you got caught up on rest while the girls were gone. They seemed to be having so much fun at “Camp Grammy”!

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