Transition to Two

All during my pregnancy with Colleen, my number one concern (other than the baby’s health) was–how on earth can I love another child as much as I love Kate?  Well, funny how what EVERYONE says is true–as soon as you see that baby, you forget that was ever even a concern.  I can honestly say my heart grew in that moment I met Colleen, and I absolutely love both of my girls with all of my heart and soul.


One thing I didn’t really think so much about was how the transition to two would go.  I mean…yes.  I knew it was going to be difficult.  I knew we’d be drowning in diapers for several months.  I knew the house wouldn’t be as clean and our laundry would seem to double overnight.  But I really, REALLY couldn’t have prepared myself for how hard it was going to be.

Whether it was Kate going through the terrible two’s early, or our difficulty breastfeeding, or Kate just being bored AF sitting at home rather than playing with her friends everyday–those first few months were HARD.  I knew this maternity leave would be drastically different, and it absolutely was.  It wasn’t until the end of my leave that I felt like I was fiiiinally kind of pulling things together.

Honestly, I think a lot of it came from our breastfeeding issues with Colleen.  I could write a whole post just about that (and just might), but basically, she gained weight evvvver so slowly those first few months.  It took her 3 weeks to get back to her birth weight when they like to see it at 2 weeks, and when we met with a lactation consultant, she only was getting a couple ounces at our feeding.  I gave her a few ounces of formula each day, but the rest I was able to supplement with pumped milk.  (Usually about 10-12 ounces extra of pumped milk and 3-4 ounces of formula).  At her 4 month appointment we FINALLY got the okay to stop supplementing unless she seemed hungry in the evenings, so that has made the world of a difference!  Especially after going back to work–the last thing I wanted to do in the evenings and weekend was to spend MORE time pumping.

Yesterday I took the day off of work unexpectedly as our sitter had to close, and let me just tell you.  It was a VAST difference in staying home with them now, at these ages.  We had the best day–we played inside, went for a walk, went to the store (where the girls were ANGELS), went to the park, I was able to make a nice lunch, they both took good naps…I tell you what.  I just couldn’t believe how much easier it was at this age…even though it’s only been a few months!

I’d LIKE to think that, if we have a third child, the transition won’t be as bad or difficult.  Mainly because a. we’re already used to chaos, and b. the oldest will help to play with/distract/occupy the middle child.  But…who knows. Only time will tell that. 😉