Kate: Two Years Old

Our fun, lovable, sweet, sassy, hilarious, life-loving little girl is now TWO years old!

We have officially entered toddler hood over here, and I would describe it similarly to how Brian describes our dog:  the most fun (dog) he’s ever had, but also the most challenging.  Two is really SUCH a fun age, but it’s definitely the most challenging that I’ve encountered so far.  Give me a crying newborn that can be soothed, or a bratty eight year old that can be reasoned with, but a TODDLER?!  Hmmm.

Temper tantrums and the stink eye aside, I absolutely LOVE getting to see Kate’s personality emerge.  She is freakin’ hilarious, and obviously she gets this from me.  Also?  This girl is excellent at entertaining herself.  Sure, she gets bored at times (we struggled with this a lot after Colleen was born), but she is really so great at playing on her own and just blabbering on and on to herself about one thing or another.


What does she like to do?  Well, for starters, she still loves to read books…and I’m hoping this lasts.  She has a horrible habit of trying to EAT the books, however, so we’ve been trying to work on that.  She loves anything “neigh neigh” related, and I’ll admit–I have totally let her watch her fair share of horse videos on YouTube while I’m been nursing Colleen and/or pumping.  She thinks running around the house is hilarrrrious, and most recently has started running around while shouting, “Go fast! Go fast!”  She likes puzzles, coloring (this is a new one), playing with her baby, getting dirty, playing in the water, and going for walks, to name a few.

She ALSO loves her sister, Colleen, which absolutely melts me every time.  I was incredibly concerned at having to split my attention between both girls, but Kate has really taken it far, far better than I thought she would.  Every morning she’ll usually ask, “Where Colleen?” and then we have a race to go find her in our bedroom.  Yes…it’s pretty much the cutest thing ever.

At her doctor appointment, I brought up some concerns regarding her speech.  I’m so used to my incredibly smart nieces who spoke so fluently by 2, that I told the doctor it’s hard to understand her a lot of the time.  She is able to say a LOT of words–I’m too lazy to count–but she doesn’t always pronounce them correctly.  Water is “wah-ee”, Colleen is “Cow-ee”, Gram is “Gam”, etc.  Some of this I know is normal, but I still wanted to see what the doctor had to say.  At first she said she’s probably fine, but as I asked Kate to say “thank you” as we were leaving (which comes out as “ank ew”), the doctor suggested maybe seeing her again in 6 months just to check up on her. 😉  I will say that having her home with me has helped a LOT, I think because the older kids at her sitter’s were probably doing  a lot of talking for her (since she was the youngest at the time).  In the mean time,  I’ll continue to roll my eyes at those moms who brag about their kids speaking complete sentences at, like, 6 weeks old or whatever. 🙂

All in all, I couldn’t love this little girl any more.  Her growth in this last year has been absolutely incredible, and I’m excited to see where this next year takes us!

Kelly, thank you so much for these pics! (Taken on her 2nd Birthday). I will treasure them, always!

Two Year Stats:

Weight: 25 lbs. (28%), Height: 34 1/4 in. (72%), Head: 65%