My First Dream

I had my first dream about Baby Dolan the other night.  It was a girl (*I had dreams with Kate of having both a boy and a girl…so I don’t put too much thought into that), and she had a head of thick, brown hair.  She surprised us all and came a few weeks early–very different from her sister, who had to be evicted and forced out a week past her due date.

But the craziest thing?  I amazed everyone in the hospital when I birthed a baby who was fully clothed.

That’s right–this little pumpkin came out with a little pink, fleece sleeper.

Baby Dolan 2.0 – 24 Weeks

Weight gained: 13 pounds.  6 pounds up from where I was with Kate at this point….but I keep telling myself not to compare.  I feel great!


  • Tired, but I think a lot of this is due to travel and trouble with allergies recently.
  • Some headaches, although they are becoming fewer and farther between.

Movement: Yes!  A LOT.  Which, of course, is my favorite part.  I felt movement around 15/16 weeks, but then really didn’t feel much until about 20 weeks along.  It kind of concerned me, but at my 20 week ultrasound they confirmed that, just like last time, I have an anterior placenta.  Sure enough, since that appointment the kicks have started coming!  Brian even got to feel the baby a couple of weeks ago, which is crazy because he or she is still so tiny.  I was feeling the kicks on my lower left belly at first (the ultrasound tech said the baby was breech, but it’s so early, it’s not a concern right now), and now they’ve started coming in my upper right belly–Kate’s favorite spot, too. 🙂

Food Aversions: Thankfully not much.  Strangely flavored Greek yogurt does NOT sound good, and it used to be one of my favorite snacks.

Food Cravings: Allllll the sweets.  Still loving Reese’s Christmas trees (those have taken the place of pumpkins…and soon it will be the Easter eggs!) and lately at night I’ve been having graham crackers with frozen cool whip (trust me on this one).  I’ve also been loving plain Greek yogurt with bananas and almond butter–it’s my go-to breakfast these days.

Sleep:  No problems here…knock on wood.

Stretch marks?  Not yet!  I thought I spotted the beginnings of some last weekend, but I think my skin is just terribly dry. I’ve heard stretch marks are more genetic than anything, but with my skin being horribly dry to begin with, I ordered some cream just in case.

Miss Anything? Not really…sometimes beer.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week:  I had a doctor appointment on Tuesday which was pretty uneventful (just how I like them).  Never gets old hearing the baby’s heartbeat, though.  Other than that, just enjoying this time where I still feel really good and am finally getting my energy back.  And enjoying those kicks!

Belly Button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy, happy!  I love this point in pregnancy, where you are clearly showing, can feel the baby move, and are over feeling barfy.

New Baby Items: Actually…I don’t think I’ve purchased anything for this little one yet, and hope to keep it that way for awhile.  I HAVE been perusing Baby Gap for a coming home outfit, but I won’t pull the trigger on that until March.  I’m loving this right now–hopefully they still have it in stock in a few months!

BabyoutfitLooking forward to:  Not pregnancy related, but Brian turns 30 this month so we have a lot of fun things in store. This weekend I’m surprising him with a weekend trip.  I’m 95% sure he has NO idea where we are going!  Then for his actual birthday, hopefully we’ll get to go out to dinner or do something fun.  I think the last time we went out alone was technically a wedding in October…and I can’t remember our last date before then. 🙂

Here’s a comparison of 23 weeks with Kate and one day shy of 24 weeks this time around:



The Best Compliment

On our way back from New York this weekend, Brian gave the greatest compliment to our marriage.  (And quite frankly, it will probably come off as a little cocky….but I appreciated his honesty).  He said to me out of the blue, after a laughing fit about something I can’t even remember, “You know? We get along better than any married couple I know.”

I know of quite a few couples (who we’re lucky to have in our lives) that get along so well, you’d think they were in a constant state of newlywed bliss.  I’ve always hoped that, when I got married, I could be like one of those couples.

We’ve certainly been lucky in that we haven’t had huge trials to face yet in our marriage, yet I know those are inevitable.  I can only hope that in those times, we are as strong as we feel together right now.  (In fact, in those times…I’ll have to remember to refer back to this post).

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t appreciate our marriage and this wonderful man God placed in my life.  The world is a better place because of Brian Dolan, and he most certainly inspires me to be a much better person, too.


Kate’s Scare

On the evening of September 11, we had quite a scare when Kate had her first (and hopefully, only) febrile seizure.  She had a fever the evening before and I woke up Brian, because she felt SO HOT.  She was even trembling, poor thing.  It was about 2 a.m. and he suggested calling the doctor on call.  She really had a fever only once before (other than a couple of low grade fevers due to teething) when she was sick last fall, and even that only got to maybe 101 or 102.  We spoke to the doctor on call and she said to give her meds, try to cool her down, and bring her in if her fever didn’t go away in a couple of days.

My parents kept her the next day, September 11, and she seemed to be okay–albeit a little tired and out of it.  Her fever came down during the day a bit, so I thought we were in the clear.  When I put her to bed Friday evening (I’d given her medicine at 5 p.m., and she went down at 7 p.m.), she had about a 101 temperature.  I went to sleep around 9 and was woken up by her around 11 p.m.–not crying, but making noises.  I jumped out of bed immediately and ran into her room.  I knew right away what was happening and screamed for Brian.  I grabbed her and ran down the stairs and handed her off to him.  He instructed me to call 911, which I did, and I turned the phone over to him to answer questions.  I can’t tell you how reassuring it is to have a husband who not only has first aid/medical experience, but is calm as can be under pressure.  I’d seen it before after I totaled his truck, and I experienced it again with him during this ordeal.

Not 3 minutes later, the firefighters arrived at our door.  They were all so wonderful and couldn’t have been nicer throughout everything.  The paramedics quickly followed, and before I knew it they were loading up Kate in the ambulance.  I was trying to run around and get Montana in the garage and pack up her diaper bag, but I met Brian outside.  It was kind of a given that he would be the one riding with her, which, in a way broke my heart–isn’t it my job as a mommy to be with her in times like this?  But deep down I knew he was supposed to be with her in this moment.  This girl couldn’t have asked for a better daddy, I tell you what.

We got to the hospital and they ran a million tests, and we had the best doctor and nurses around us we could hope for.  We are SO lucky to have a new hospital just 7 minutes from our house, and my immediate family has given them quite the business between my dad, my sister, and now Kate!  Each time we’ve been, the ER has been pretty empty and the staff so attentive and kind.

I think the worst part, other than seeing her actually have the seizure, was seeing her unresponsive in the 45 minutes to follow.  She kept looking to her right, and her gaze was unrelenting.  The doctor wanted me to talk to her, to see if she would respond in some way.  I stood to her left and spoke to her, but nothing.  There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your child unable to answer you.

Thankfully, she started to come out of it eventually.  The doctor planned to do a spinal tap if a full hour went by (since her seizure) without her responding, but luckily we didn’t end up needing to do one.  My dad came back to see us and sat right by our bed (she was on my lap on the stretcher), and almost as soon as Kate saw him she blew a raspberry.  We all immediately laughed and it was like a weight had been lifted.  She was going to be okay!  The doctor ended up witnessing this and said with a smile, “this isn’t someone with meningitis.”

After a chest x-ray and waiting for her fever to go down a little bit more, we were sent home around 2 or 3 a.m.  She still had a bit of a fever, but it had gone down significantly.  We were told to rotate Motrin and Tylenol every 3 hours, and I slept on the floor of her room (and did for the next two nights) because I just couldn’t stand to leave her alone.  I was terrified she would start seizing again.

We took her to the immediate care the next day just to get checked, as she still had a slight fever (about 100).  She checked out okay, and it turns out the fever was from an upper respiratory virus that just had to run its course.  Her fever crept back up Saturday (to about 102), but we woke her up every 3 hours to dose her throughout the night (and cool her head down with water).  Sunday she seemed a bit more like herself, and by Monday evening her fever was broken for good.

Taken the day after her seizure.....poor pumpkin.

Taken the day after her seizure…..poor pumpkin.

The doctor told us the next time she had a fever, we would probably freak out.  Unfortunately she developed a fever about a month later (this girl never gets sick, and then twice in one month?!?), but this time we woke her up throughout the evening to give her meds.  I hope she never has a seizure again, but if she does, at least we know what to do.  I really hope I never have to see her again like that…it was one of the hardest moments of my life.

Thankfully our sweet and sassy girl is going strong today.  If this is the worst we have to experience as parents, we’ll consider ourselves very lucky!