Dear Little One

Dear Baby Dolan 2.0,

It was just two days ago that we discovered you were joining us next year*.  I have to say…I’m still in a bit of shock!  Your dad and I have always known we wanted another little one (in fact, your dad was ready months ago).  I am a planner, though, and had anticipated Kate would (hopefully!) get a sibling towards the end of next year.  That way, we’d have some time to save some money (God willing) and continue to get used to our lives as a family of three.

As they say….if you want to make God laugh, make a plan.  So while this comes as a surprise to us–and we absolutely realize how blessed we are to get a surprise such as this!–it means you are no less wanted or loved.  Some of the best children are surprises….like your own mom, for example.

When I became a mom for the first time, I had NO idea what to expect.  None!  I knew that I would love this baby more than life itself, and I do.  I knew I’d worry day in and day out about the baby riding in the car, sleeping at night, getting sick, making friends as he/she gets older, getting bullied….and I do.  I knew this baby would help to bring your dad and I closer to together than ever…and she did.

The second time around, my heart is so full that it’s hard to imagine room for more love.  But it’s there…and I already am on pins and needles waiting to see your sweet little face.  You will be the best addition to our family, of that I have no doubt.  I can’t wait to see who are you, and who you will become.  More like me, or more like your dad?  Active and mobile, or peaceful and content?  Emotional or “tough”?  Who will you resemble in looks?  Personality?

I will be honest that I’m nervous about life with two little ones.  I’ve heard from many, many people that having one isn’t a huge adjustment–and honestly, Kate was easy, so this was true for us–but two can rock your world.  I mean, I’ll be outnumbered by you guys!  And then there’s the whole “money” thing.  Oh boy. I hope you do NOT inherit my anxiety, especially for finances.  We always end up okay in the end, but I’m constantly worried about “how will we afford this?” and “what if we need a new furnace?”  I told your dad last night that, while we might not be able to save anything much money in the next few years, obviously our family comes first.  We can’t imagine having an empty house with no little, sticky fingers to dirty up our windows.  That would be sad house, and life, indeed.

We love to travel and see the world, and we can’t wait to take you and your sister on lots of adventures.  So while we can’t promise you trips to Disney World, I do hear Holiday World is lovely!  I can’t promise you’ll have your own bedroom (eventually…who knows?!), but I hope that it’ll provide the best of memories just like I had with my siblings growing up.  (Boy, did your Aunt Kristy and I have some great–and a few not so great–times in our room!)  I can’t promise that we will EVER have a new car, or belong to a country club, or that you’ll be able to take whatever kind of lessons you want.  And I can’t promise you’ll have many new clothes…oh wait, you have two pretty awesome Grandmas who I feel might help with this. 😉

What I CAN promise you is love.  Oh…so much love.  And fun!  I’d like to think what we lack in money we make up for in personality.  And honestly, the best extended family a child could ever, possibly want.  Like….really, you hit the jackpot there, kid.

I love you so much already, it’s hard to think we have SO long to meet you!  But we will be ready with open arms, little one.  You just wait.


Your Mama


(*Written on July 28, 2015)


2 thoughts on “Dear Little One

  1. Yay!!! We are so excited for Baby Dolan 2.0!!!! You and Brian are amazing parents, and I know Kate will just be the best big sister. 😊. Congratulations!!!

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