My First Mother’s Day

I’ve always loved Mother’s Day.  I know it can be a sad day for those who’ve lost their moms or their own babies, or for those who are unable to have children, but I always loved honoring my mom and ALL the special mamas in my life.  Mothers are some of the best people in all of our lives.  And it doesn’t necesarily have to be your own, either.  Some of my sweetest, kindest friends are extremely mothering, and they inspire ME to be a better friend and person.

My favorite thing for all of us to do together is hike.  We get to be outdoors, bring Montana (and hopefully wear him out!), see beautiful things, and be active together.  So when it was time to decide how to spend my first Mother’s Day, I knew I wanted to hike with Brian, Kate, and Montana.

We spent the afternoon hiking in southern Indiana.  Our friend, Michelle, let us borrow this carrier, and Kate did great!  It was a little humid that day so she got pretty warm, but thankfully we were in the shade.


After our hike (about 4 miles), we drove into Bloomington to Upland Brewery.  We sat outside, got some drinks and food, and it was wonderful.  Montana was even able to join us on the patio!

We then drove back to Indy to meet our family at Castleton Grill.  I didn’t snap many pictures from the day, but that’s okay.  I was so content to spend it with the people I love the most.