Working Mama

I try to tell myself that, if I was home with Kate all day every day, I would inevitably plead for a break during the day.  That on those days where she’s fussy, or just wants mommy, it’d drive me a little mad to not be able to get anything done.

I try to tell myself that adult interaction is good, and even healthy for me.  That I am #soblessed to work with friends, and to have a job that is pretty flexible and understanding.

I try to tell myself that working might, in fact, be helping to prevent depression (for me).  That being busy and working outside the home is good for my mental state, especially in the winter when I’m prone to SAD.

I try to tell myself that it’s not silly to really look forward to buying her diapers and baby food on my lunch break, because it makes me feel close to her in that moment.  That I don’t even mind pumping most of the time because it just reminds me of her and how she is healthy and growing.

I try to tell myself that it’s good for Kate to be around other kiddos during the day.  That it’s good for her social skills.  That it’s healthy for her to learn the value of “making friends” even at this very young age.

I try to tell myself that she sleeps half the time while I am gone, which….isn’t exactly true.  But I tell myself that so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on things.

I try to tell myself that the grass is always greener on someone else’s lawn.  That those cutesy Instagram shots mamas post of their baby helping with laundry on a Thursday morning, or trips to Target during the day–behind the scenes that mama might be losing her shit, too.

I try to tell myself that I am SO lucky to have a daughter who is healthy, and happy, and thriving.  (And darn cute).  And THAT is what matters….not where I spend 8 hours of my day.

I try to tell myself that it’ll get easier as time goes on.  Which, it doesn’t…but that is what I try to tell myself.  Especially on days like this.



Baby Kate: Seven Months

Random Thoughts: My brother-in-law, Joel, asked me recently when we are going to stop calling her Baby Kate…and why did she have to be “Baby Kate” and not just “Kate”?  Well, those are great questions.  For the first question, the answer is NEVER, because she will always be my baby.  For the second?  No idea.  Maybe because her first name is only one syllable?  Or to distinguish her from her Aunt Katie, who is sometimes called Kate?  Who knows.  🙂


Weight & Height: Not sure…but if I had to guess, around 16 pounds?

Eating:  Same as last month: nursing once in the morning (this is a loooong session – 45-60 minutes!), takes 3 bottles at Shell’s house (4-5 oz. each), and then nurses twice in the evenings.

We’ve been trying food with no such luck.  Our we SURE she’s ours??!  I mean…Brian and I are some of the least picky eaters you’ll ever meet.  I’ve tried peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, pears, apples….you get the idea.  This girl does NOT like to eat, or at least doesn’t like to be fed.  I’m noting this for our next child: everyone tells you to start with veggies because if you start with fruit, your kid will NEVER like veggies after that.  Well….that’s what we tried, and now our kid doesn’t trust us! Ha.  I think, honestly, as long as they are eating I couldn’t care less if it’s fruits or veggies.  At least not this young…I just hope to not have to chaparone her prom due to nursing her still. 😉

Sleeping (naps):  Still taking two naps a day, between 1-2 hours long.  Go, Kate!

Sleeping (at night):  Going to bed between 8-9 and sleeping until 5:30 or 6, usually.  Sometimes I have to wake her up in the mornings, other times she’s all ready to go.  Usually when she’s awake and I go in to get her to nurse, she’s just lying in her crib…quiet as can be, but with her eyes wide open.  What a sweetheart this little one is.

Clothing:  In mostly 6 months and some 9 month sizes.

New this month:  She’s starting raising her arms up a bit to have you pick her up, which melts my HEART!  She’s also become quite the pro at sitting up and rolling allllll over the floor.  Not any signs of crawling yet, but again, selfishly I’m okay if that lasts at least a couple more months!

Nicknames:  Kate Kate, Peanut, Peanut Pumpkin, Sweet Girl, and Pooh Butt

Kate likes:

-Her mommy and daddy!  I LOVE seeing her eyes light up when Brian walks in the room.  It is truly one of my favorite things in this world.

-Still loves to be spoken to (excitedly) or sung to.  With certain songs, she’ll start bounce/dancing along. 🙂

-People watching!  Just like her parents.

-Her little “balancing” act she loves to do on her daddy’s palm….that smile!  He’s started to do it when she’s fussy to calm her down, and she’ll go from crying to laughing in mere seconds because of this.  ADORABLE.

Kate dislikes:  

-Having her nose wiped.

-Sometimes she just reallllly wants to be held – and with how cute she is, how we can refuse that???!





Baby Kate: Six Months

Weight & Height: She weighed in at 15 lbs 5 oz (31st percentile), 26 inches long (49th percentile), and her head was 43 1/2 cm (in the 81st percentile.

Eating:  Pretty similar to last month!  She eats between 4-5 oz three times a day, and she nurses once in the morning and twice in the evening.  My supply went down a tiny bit after she started sleeping through the night (such a blessing and a curse!), so I have to be aware at ALL times of how much water I’m drinking, am I eating enough (ha), etc.  I haven’t really worried about my supply up until this point…hopefully we will get through it!  But if not, I am very proud to have nursed her this long.

We also got the “okay” from the doctor to try baby foods (except no honey, PB, or strawberries for the first year–Brian disagrees, of course), so we shall see how that goes!

Sleeping (naps):  Also about the same as last month – 2 naps during the day at Shell’s house, and those run between 1-2.5 (!) hours long.  She HAS starting napping longer for us on the weekends, too.  Sadly I miss her during those times, but it IS nice to be able to actually get stuff done.

Sleeping (at night):  Boy…have things ever changed here!  Around Christmas time, I knew I would have extra time off of work.  So I decided to let her cry it out during the night when she woke (usually around 10 p.m., 12 a.m., and 3 a.m.).  I HATED the thought of hearing her cry, but I decided if she cried longer than 10 minutes I would go in to get her.  Also, I really feel like – because she HAD been sleeping long stretches before on her own! – she was capable of sleeping through the night.

We tried this first on a Friday evening.  She got up and cried for 5-10 minutes at those times, then fell right back asleep.  Not too bad!  The next night she only cried for about 5 minutes each time.  And I believe it was by the 3rd or 4th night that she was not waking up at ALL.  Talk about night and day!  Now, I know people have issues with the CIO method, but I’m tellin’ ya – it was definitely the best for us.  And Kate, please don’t hate me in 30 years for letting you cry for five minutes at a time. 😉

Now we have a baby girl that sleeps from 8:30/9 p.m. until 5:30/6 a.m.  Hallelujah!

Clothing:  In mostly 6 month sizes now, and some 3-6 month outfits, too.

New this month:  Saying “dadda” all the time!  And she JUST started to really sit up.  It’s like she’s grown up over night!  She still wobbles a bit so I try to either watch her closely or have the Boppy around her, but she’s definitely getting the hang of it.  No crawling or teeth in sight, but that’s okay with mama.

Nicknames:  She is my “peanut pumpkin” (so strange…I know), and Brian still calls her “pooh butt (so endearing).

Kate likes:

-Still loves to nurse.

-Loves to be spoken to (and sung to), especially in an excited voice.  It’s not just for show, people!

-Loving her dog!  This past month she’s really started to giggle at Montana a lot.  Can’t wait to see the adventures of those two.

-You’ll find her flopping her arm (or arms) frequently.  Do we have a music conductor in our future??

Kate dislikes:  

-Still hates having her nose wiped.