Baby Kate: Four Months Old

Weight & Height: She weighed 13 lbs, 9 oz at the doctor this month!  (31st percentile).  That is up from the 26% last month…growing girl!  She also measured 25 inches long (66%), and her head measured 42 1/4 cm (87%).

Eating:  Kate takes 3 bottles a day when she’s at Michelle’s, usually 3-4 oz each.  I asked the doctor if it was okay that she’s not eating a lot more than that, and she said some babies just prefer breast to bottle (and get more when nursing).  She does nurse more frequently in the evenings (which I am totally okay with!), so that makes me feel better.  She is gaining weight, and that is what matters!

Sleeping (naps):  Michelle is truly the Baby Whisperer.  Kristy told me she had the same luck with Reid…Michelle just knows babies!  Our girl went from taking crap naps to taking a morning and afternoon nap, anywhere from 1.5-2 hours long.  Now if she would just do that at home….hmmmm.  Michelle said her “secrets” are a white noise machine and a REALLY dark room.  I think we might need to look into blinds at home, as her room is surprisingly bright.  Secretly, though, I don’t mind that she doesn’t nap for that long on the weekends.  That’s more time I get to spend with her!

Sleeping (at night):  About the same as last month.  She is going to bed a little earlier (about 8 or 8:30, depending on when she wakes up from her second nap), and waking up twice to eat at night: around 12/1 a.m., and then again at 3/4 a.m.  We are starting cereal this month, though, so I’m hoping that helps to keep her belly full during the night.

Clothing:  No more 0-3 month clothes!  It was a little bittersweet to pack away those clothes, but I’m so excited she is healthy and growing.  She is in mostly 6 month size, and is evening wearing some 9 month sleepers (although they are a bit big).  Still in size 1-2 Kirkland brand diapers and size 2 Pampers.

New this month:  She LOVES to put her hands (and feet!) in her mouth. It’s so funny when she grabs her feet when I’m changing her diaper.  Makes it a bit challenging, too!  She also has been holding her own bottle for a few weeks.  Miss Independent?

Nicknames:  Sweet Pea, Punkin’ Punkin’ (it’s so nice that I say it twice), Sweet girl

Kate likes:

-Looking at her HANDS!  Man, she loves to check them out.  I caught it on video for few seconds here.

-Putting all.the.things in her mouth.  I introduced her to Sophie the Giraffe recently, and they have become fast friends.

-Still loves to nurse.  (Mama loves it, too!)

-She is finally starting to like baths!  Or at least not HATE them.

-Her FAVORITE song is “If You’re Happy and You Know it.”  Even if she’s fussing, if you sing it to her she’ll usually have a smile.  It’s the cutest thing EVER.

Kate dislikes:  

-She has been spoiled at her sitters!  She really hates when people go too long without paying attention to her. 😉

-Having her nose wiped.





Baby Kate: Three Months Old

This month Kate’s personality emerged even more.  Our sweet, happy girl is, well….still our sweet, happy girl!

Unfortunately this month also brought the dreaded end to my maternity leave.  I cried every day the week before I went back to work….it’s just so hard when you carry your baby for 9 months, and then spend every day (almost every moment!) of your maternity leave with them.  Not to sound dramatic, but I feel as though as part of me is missing when I’m away from her.

Some people say going back to work gets easier, others say it never does.  I know one thing is for sure – I sure do miss my girl and seeing all of those smiles during the day.  BUT.  On the positive side….(it’s hard to find the positive, but I have to try or else I’ll go crazy) – I get to see my friends at work again; for my first 6 weeks back I’ll be traveling on/off – and on “travel” days, it feels like a part-time job!  Also, I get to come home to a HEALTHY, happy, beautiful baby girl.  And nothing could ever, ever top that.

3 Months Old Today!

3 Months Old Today!

Weight & Height: Not sure…but I think she’s definitely gained a pound or two since her last weigh in!

Eating:  Eating just about every 2.5-3 hours during the day, between 4 and 5 oz. each time.

Sleeping (naps):  Still taking short naps (30-40 mins long) during the day – about 3 or 4 of them.  She’s so happy, though, that I can’t complain too much!

Sleeping (at night):  Going to bed around 9 pm each night now.  She HAD been sleeping “through the night” (= 5-7 hour stretch), but the past few days she’s been waking up around 2 am to eat.  Hmmm…does someone know I’m going back to work? 🙂

Clothing:  Some of her 0-3 month clothes are actually getting too short!  (The sleepers in particular).

New this month:  This month she rolled from belly to back (at 8 weeks), started reaching for toys (around 10 weeks), and she has started to really notice things around here (i.e. Montana….so cute).  At 12 weeks old she had her first real “belly laughs” with her Grammy!

Nicknames:  Sweet pea, Peanut, Sweet girl, Pumpkin

Kate likes:

-To be talked to…I just LOVE the huge “shy” smile that emerges when you do!

-Long car rides.  She has become the master of the road trip already at 3 months old!

-Nursing…I just love that little deep giggle whenever it’s meal time for her.

-The morning.  Seeing her little smiling face in the morning certainly helps THIS mama get out of bed.


Kate dislikes:  

-Baths are getting a litttttle better, but she still doesn’t LOVE them.

-Going too long without someone talking to her 😉

-Being away from mommy during the day.  (*Okay, maybe it’s more the other way around.  I sure miss my girl!)