Baby Dolan: Week 27

Week 27

(March 24 – March 30)

The third trimester is here!!!


Weight gained: 10 pounds


  • Thankfully not quite as emotional as last week. Phew!
  • My hips/pelvis were a little achy this week when I walked.  It was such a weird feeling!  Nothing horribly painful, just enough to be noticeable.

Movement: All day long!  I can’t wait to see if this will continue to be true after he/she is here.  And Kristy and Kelly got to feel kicks, too!  One kick was so strong that Kristy even asked, “Was that you or the baby?”

Food Aversions: Nothing new.

Food Cravings:  Still the normal cravings, and also craving Diet Coke (from McDonald’s, of course) like crazy.  I’ve been drinking Diet Coke about 3 times a week, and I’m trying not to beat myself up too much about that.  My doctor said I could even have one every single day, if I wanted to.  I was telling my sister, it feels kind of sad/pathetic, but it makes me unbelievably happy on the days I know I’m going to treat myself!  And you know how important it is to treat yo self.


Sleep:  Like a rock.

Stretch marks? Not yet!

Miss Anything?  Nope.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week:  Having my sisters feel the baby kicks!  I LOVED feeling their babies kick when they were pregnant.  And I felt comfortable enough to always touch their bellies, since we’re family. 🙂  I know some pregnant women are very much “Don’t touch my belly!” but if I know you, I’m totally okay with it (and want you to!).  I can’t say it will be the same after the baby, of course – so get it while you can, folks.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or moody most of the time: A little irritated this week, but it was mostly due to work stress.

New Baby Items: Yep!  We’ve been keeping an eye out for dressers on Craigslist/Marketplace and finally found a great deal this week.  As nice as brand new dressers are, it’s crazy to think about $400/500 on a dresser for a baby.  I really like this one, too!  We’re planning on using it as a changing table, as well.


Looking forward to:  Painting our nursery this weekend (hoppppefully)!  With our downstairs still in shambles since our pipes burst in January, it’ll at least feel good to have something done in the baby’s room.  I’ll post pics of the finished product!


Baby Dolan: Week 26

Week 26

(March 17-March 23)

Weight gained: 8 pounds


  • Verrrrry emotional.  This is a stressful time of year at work, and I had 2 mini-breakdowns this week due to work stuff.  Like, a sobbing, total mess!  I’m normally very sensitive, but this was just WAY beyond what I’m used to.  By the end of April/beginning of May work should slow down, and I’m very much looking forward to that.
  • Having some trouble getting back to sleep after my 2-3 a.m. potty break, but only a couple of times a week.

Movement: Yep!  I feel so bad because when I feel kicks and I’m with Brian, I always excitedly grab his hand and put it on my belly.  And always without fail, the baby stops moving.  I told him our kid is already scared of him.  😉  This week I started to see some kicks/movement from the outside, too!  So much fun.  This baby is super active all day long!  And even in the middle of the night sometimes….yikes.  (*Edited to add – Brian felt the baby kick!!!  We were out to dinner at one of our favorite bar/restaurants, Barley Island.  Every time he’d put his hand on my belly, the kicks would stop.  But then finally, he felt a good one!  Of course our baby would make his/her presence known in a bar, right?)

Food Aversions: Nothing new.

Food Cravings:  Still…ice cream and apples.  You guessed it.   I think I’ve had ice cream 4 out of 5 days this week?

Sleep:  No complaints.  Trying to soak it up while I can!

Stretch marks? Not yet!

Miss Anything?  It was a little hard to go out for St. Paddy’s and not drink, but surprisingly not as bad as I thought!  We went to a 5K downtown (my dad and Brian were running), so I watched the race and then we went out for drinks/apps afterwards.  Then we rounded off the day with dinner and drinks at Murphy’s.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week:  I got to wear my maternity St. Paddy’s Day shirt!  I debated which one to get, but I ended up getting the “Designated Driver” shirt.  Appropriate, right?  I seriously almost (accidentally!) ordered one that said “Designated Drinker.”  Anyway, it made my day when we were at Murphy’s – this lady turned around and saw me and said, “Well aren’t you just the cutest thing ever!  Look at your little belly!”  It was fun thinking about how next year’s St. Patrick’s Day will be so much different, with our little leprechaun. 🙂

Belly button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or moody most of the time: Other than weepy at times, feeling good!

New Baby Items: Yes, actually!  My sister, Kelly, brought over a whole box of some baby clothes she kept from her kiddos.  Even though I don’t think (this) Baby Dolan is a girl, I really do hope we have one at some point so that they can wear some of the adorable clothes her girls have worn.  🙂  She also gave us a baby mat/gym that will come in very handy!  Then, my mom surprised me with this:


How cute, right?!  I love the bag (and especially those colors together), and she also packed it full of diapers, wipes, baby shampoo, and lotion.  Thank you so much, mom!

Looking forward to: Starting the third trimester – yikes!  I can’t believe it is here already.  In some ways I feel like I’ve been pregnant for forever, and in other ways, it’s flown by (well, since I stopped getting sick every day).  Either way, it’s very exciting!




Baby Dolan: Week 25

Week 25

(March 10-16)

Weight gained: 8 pounds


  • Some restless legs
  • Emotional.  I had a mini-sob fest this week when I tried on a bridesmaid dress I’d ordered.  It.was.horrible!  And it honestly wasn’t because of my belly…the top part came down way too low, the padding on the top was super stiff and noticeable – it was just so, so ugly.  I don’t think they’ll take returns, so I feel like I just flushed $80 down the toilet 😦  Plus I’d already had a couple of days where I didn’t feel good about myself (not related to pregnancy – actually, that makes me feel better!  Just feel like I’m in a rut with my hair, makeup, etc.), so it kind of sent me over the edge.  It sounds so silly, trust me…I know!  Brian got home from work and I swear he can read my mind.  He asked me right away what was wrong and so we talked about it for awhile.  He is just the best.
  • Tired.  I traveled this week for work and had 4 college fairs, which meant tons of standing in the same spot.  I’ve hit a wall almost every afternoon around 1 or 2….it is SO, so tempting to take a nap.

Movement: Yes!  Supposedly weeks 25-28 are when the baby is the most active – probably because it gets too crowded in there after awhile 🙂  This one definitely likes to shake it!  I know I’ve said it a million times, but it is the best feeling ever.  He/she is active on and off all day long.  And it might be in my head, but I swear he/she is more active after I’ve eaten something sweet.  Mom and dad DO have a huge sweet tooth…

Food Aversions: Nothing new.

Food Cravings:  Still Golden Delicious Apples.  And sweets – anything sweet!  I’ve given up candy for lent, but ice cream, cookies, cake…they are all fair game.

Sleep:  Like a babyrock.

Stretch marks? Not yet!

Miss Anything? Not really.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week: Three strangers asked me about my pregnancy this week!  That is the first time that has happened.  I was so giddy it was ridiculous.  I know…it sounds like a lame thing to be excited about.  But it definitely made my week!

Belly button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or moody most of the time: Emotional this week, but definitely feeling more happy by the end of the week.  Plus, it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day!

New Baby Items: None

Looking forward to: St. Patrick’s Day!





Baby Dolan: Week 24

Week 24

(March 3 – March 9)

Weight gained: 7 pounds


  • A little bit of restless legs, but not too bad.
  • Still having to pee quite  a bit…but I’m really trying hard to not let this deter me from drinking water.

Movement: Yes!  I even felt the baby’s kicks (from the OUTside) for the first time – getting stronger!  Every time he or she chimes in and Brian is around, I get really excited and have him put my hand on my belly.  Of course, the baby usually stops right about then.  I told him our child is already scared of him. 😉  I know he’ll feel him/her soon enough.  I can’t wait!  Also, this week I started feeling some movement in the center of my belly.  Before I just felt kicks in my lower (like, REAL low) stomach.  Pretty neat!

Food Aversions: Nothing new, although it’s strange – I still can’t stand the smell of beer on other people’s (okay, usually Brian) breath.  It grosses me out.

Food Cravings:  More Golden Delicious Apples!  And sweets.  This week was Fat Tuesday (which was ALSO National Pancake Day), so I didn’t hold back at all.  My friend/co-worker brought in my favorite cookies, and I had pancakes that morning after our doctor’s appointment.  I’m scared to step on the scale on Monday!

Sleep:  Great, other than waking up (to either go potty or head upstairs – Brian and I fall asleep on the couch at least a couple nights a week!) and not being able to get back to sleep.

Stretch marks? Not yet!

Miss Anything? Nope.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week: Two things, actually….first of all, we had another successful (read: uneventful) doctor’s appointment this week!  We met Dr. Cline on Tuesday, and everything looks great.  She has also delivered both Ryan and Reid, and Kristy has had a great experience with her.  She is adorable AND she has four kids of her own…so you know she knows her stuff!  My next appointment will be the good old glucose test.  Fun stuff.

The other fun thing was registering!  This was something that was weighing on my mind, so I’m glad to have it checked off our list.  My wonderful, amazing sisters came with us, which worked out perfectly.  There are new baby products all the time on the market, but with 6 kids between them, I trust their opinions!

Belly button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!  Although there was a day this week when I was just really irritated for some reason.  Don’t you hate that?  I had no reason to be at all!  Oh, well.

New Baby Items: None.

Looking forward to: It’s not baby related, but I have college fairs in Fort Wayne on Monday and Tuesday of next week, so I’m hoping to stop in and see my grandma (and hopefully my cousin, Megan).  With our horrible winter, I haven’t been up there since October!

*Selfies will have to do for this week…my apologies 😉




I think my belly has a “torpedo” look goin’ on – must be the way the baby’s positioned?  It cracks me up!

Baby Dolan: Week 23

Week 23

(February 24-March 2)

The baby is now over a pound and allllmost a foot long (according to the gazillion websites out there)!  I’ve always heard that 24 weeks is when the baby is (or has a chance to be) viable.  I found this chart very informative, too.  Of course, we want Baby Dolan to stay put for a long, long time.  But it’s definitely exciting knowing that he/she is gettin’ bigger by the day!

Weight gained: 6 pounds


  • I think I’m finally seeing what they mean about having to pee all the time during pregnancy!  It’s not horrible yet, but definitely getting a lot of potty breaks over here.
  • Braxton Hicks contractions or just severe constipation/gas (sorry, but true).  It happened after a day of a LOT of walking at work/around campus.  I used a pedometer that day because I knew I’d be walking a lot, and I got in over 7,000 steps (over 3 miles) JUST in walking people to and around campus.  That is a lot these days for this desk bound girl!  I also didn’t drink much water because I wasn’t at my desk like usual.  That night as I was making dinner, I started to get pretty uncomfortable pains in my stomach – right in the center.  I thought it was really bad gas and tried to go to the bathroom, but nothing.  I finished cooking and by that time dinner didn’t sound good at ALL.  I laid on the couch for awhile and chugged water and Gatorade.  About an hour later, it was completely gone.  So strange!  I don’t know if it was Braxton Hicks, but either way it was a great reminder for me to drink more water.

Movement: Yes!  Not as much movement as last week, but usually every day at some point.

Food Aversions: Nothing new.

Food Cravings:  Mexican food is back. I had it twice this week!

Sleep:  I had one night where I couldn’t get back to sleep after a 3 a.m. potty break, but other than that, great sleep all week.

Stretch marks? Not yet!

Miss Anything? Nope.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week: Hmmmm….nothing that stands out in particular.  I did get a nice compliment from a co-worker who asked how I was only gaining weight in my belly and not everywhere else.  I told her it was early…give me time and I’m sure I will!  But still, it made me feel really good. 🙂

Belly button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or moody most of the time: Very happy!

New Baby Items: None.

Looking forward to: Our next doctor’s appointment next week!  I think it’s so sweet that Brian wants to come to all of the appointments.  I hear that most of them are pretty routine/boring (like my 16 week appointment), where they basically just listen to the heartbeat (the best part!) and answer any questions.  But he wants to be able to meet all of the doctors in the practice (they do this so that you’ll have met them all, just in case your doc doesn’t deliver the baby).  It’s been fun because we’ve made a routine out of our appointments by going afterwards to a really great breakfast spot across the street.  I can imagine sitting in our booth will be very different 3 months from now. 🙂