Pregnancy Survey

(Because I’m a sucker for surveys, what can I say?)

About Me

Name? Holly

Age? 33

Height? 5’9″

Hair color? blondish by way of my hairdresser 🙂

Eye color? greenish blue with a tint of gray – I tell people “green” to make things easier.

About the Father

Name? Brian

Age? 28

Height? 6’1”

Hair color? dirty blonde/light brown

Eye color? beautiful, light blue

About My Pregnancy

Is this your first pregnancy? Yes

When did you find out you were pregnant? October 13th – I had just gotten back from a weekend in St. Louis with my parents (go Cardinals!) and I took the test when I got home.

Was it planned? Yes and no…Brian and I didn’t want to “try.”  It seems like with some of our friends, when they started “trying,” they had trouble.  (I know a lot of that has to do with the pressure you put on yourself, as I’m sure I would!)  We were hoping it would happen without having to track things too much. What can I say…I love to be surprised 😉

What was your first reaction? I couldn’t believe it! I took another test right away, just to be sure. Then I immediately thought of how I was going to tell Brian!

Who was with you when you found out? Just me, then I couldn’t WAIT to tell Brian.

Who was the first person you told? Brian, of course!

How did your parents react? Everyone was SO excited. I’m so glad we were able to keep it a secret before telling them…made it that much more fun! I love re-watching the videos of telling everyone.

How far along are you? 22 weeks (and 2 days, but who is counting?)

What was your first symptom? I went shopping in Macy’s around 5 weeks and about BARFED as I walked through the store.  The perfume section was so strong!  Not long after that, my boobs became very, very sore.

What is your due date? June 23, 2014

Do you know the sex of the baby? Nope…I think it’s a boy and Brian thinks it’s a girl.  So at least one of us is right!  All but a couple of people have told me they think boy, too…either way, to say I can’t wait to meet him or her is a massive understatement!  (*I also hope no one thinks I am thinking a boy because I’d prefer one – no preference at ALL here! It’s just a gut feeling I’ve had from day one.  It is so cliché, but I really, truly, just want a healthy baby).

Have you picked out names? Yep!  We have two girl names and two boy names.  Names were actually really easy for us to decide.  We both knew what we liked (and REALLY knew what we didn’t like).  The harder part (I think) is coming up with middle names that not only sound good, but that you really like.

How much weight have you gained? Around 5 pounds as of 22 weeks.

Do you have stretch marks? Nope, not yet.

Have you felt the baby move? Pretty much everyday now!  It’s my favorite time(s) of the day.  I love having my little buddy with me.  I had a dream that I gave birth at 31 weeks (to a 12 lb baby…YIKES) and I was so sad to not be pregnant any more.  Ha!

Have you heard the heartbeat? Yes, several times! I look forward to hearing it at each appointment now.

About Baby Dolan

Will you keep the baby? No doubt about it!

Home or hospital birth? Hospital

Natural or medicated birth? Epidural, all the way.

Who will be in the delivery room with you? Just me and Brian.  He is phenomenal at calming people, including myself whenever I’ve been panicked.  The world could implode tomorrow, but he would still be able to calm me down somehow!

Will you breastfeed? I really hope so!  I have had friends in the past not be able to BF, and I know if that happens to me, I will try my best to accept it and move on.  But I will be doing everything in my power to make BFing successful.  I can’t say for certain how long, but right now I am telling myself to try and make it at least 6 months.  We shall see how the pumping goes at work, but if I’m not traveling, it should be an easy thing to do in my office.  Once I reach 6 months I think I’ll take it month by month.  I would LOVE to make it a year!

Do you think you’ll need a c-section? I would prefer not to have a c-section, but obviously if it is required in order to have a healthy baby, then absolutely!

Will you cry when you hold the baby for the first time? Most likely, sure!  I cried each time I held my nieces and nephews for the first time, too.  I cannot wait for that moment.  And also?  Seeing Brian hold him/her for the first time.  Gives me chills just thinking about it!

What’s the first thing you might say to him/her? Oh, man…I have no idea.  Depends on the drugs I’m on, I suppose 😉  I’m guessing something about how I’ve waited my whole life to meet you and that I love him/her so much already.  And also something about him/her having the best parents in the world.

Would you let someone videotape the birth? Nope.  Not my thing!

Are you excited or scared about the birth? Excited!  I’m sure I’ll get nervous immediately before…that’s usually how I roll with things.  It kind of reminds me of running a marathon.  I’m putting in the training now and so, SO excited for the “race.”  I’m sure when that day gets here I’ll be overcome with so many emotions…but it’s fun to think about for now.  I am scared of the pain, of course, but plan to focus on the positive outcome that will make it all worth it.



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